Not All Gutters Are Created Equal!

There’s a big difference between residential gutter installations and commercial installations. In both cases, the gutters are manufactured from aluminum or galvanized steel, and have either K-Style or Box troughs. Box troughs are rarely used on residential installs, they are mainly used on commercial buildings. Since the roof of a commercial building is much higher and farther away from trees, the box gutter doesn’t get clogged as residential gutters do.

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American Gutter Guards Commercial installers are knowledgeable and well trained in assessing the needs of your commercial property. Most buildings have a parapet wall and don’t require a traditional gutter system, but do require over-sized downspouts to relieve the roof of heavy rains. Other buildings that do require a traditional gutter system need a box style trough, which doubles as a roof flashing and trough. This type of installation involves sealing or bonding the trough to the roof for added protection from water damage.

Ice Build Up

ice build up

The most common issue surrounding commercial rain gutters is the build up of ice during the winter months. To accommodate the weight of excess water and ice, a commercial gutter installation uses .032 gauge rolled formed aluminum, which is twice as thick as most standard commercial gutter installations. With the extra strength and corrosion free aluminum, your commercial property is well protected and maintenance free.

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